What Do We Do?



SLAC is currently working on exploration into a new dimension or universe that was recently discovered in 1992. We have dubbed the discovery under the name "Project God Particle".

March 16th 1993, we decided to perform several tests of teleportation to the dimension.

September 8th 1993, our teleportation test has been successful and we are now testing to see what types of objects can teleport to the dimension. It is mostly important to know what the specific height and size of an object we can teleport through.

November 1st 1994, a year after our inital testing phases have helped us get to this point where we can now test teleportation to different species of animals.

November 10th 1994, today we will be undergoing heavy maintenance due to a massive blackout in the facility during a recent test in Project God Particle.

November 16th 1994, tomorrow is the day we'll be sending our first subject to the dimension. The subject must undergo multiple tests in order to take the position, the subject will also be agreeing to signing a document explaining that he or she will be working in a dangerous environment.

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